We offer an extensive, and growing, lineup of videos to help you train your team and learn on your own. Our videos are available in a Netflix-style platform that lets you easily find and view just what you need. The programs are arranged by type as well as in a logical flow that matches our continuous improvement development system.

NOTE: We are in the process of changing the delivery method for these videos. We are replacing our DVDs and downloadable MP4s with three delivery models from our Velaction Videos service. We do, however, still sell a handful of third party DVDs.

Please be aware that our video platform is separate from this store. It is powered by Vimeo, so you can be confident that it is safe and reliable.

  • Subscription

We offer an extensive lineup of videos in our subscription service.

You can get our videos with either a monthly or an annual subscription.

  • Rentals

Select videos and collections of videos are available as rentals. The goal here is to keep the cost down for you if you have specific, short-term needs. This is most likely if you are trying to learn on your own, or if you want to teach a few, targeted classes to your team.

  • Purchases

If you have specific needs and don't want a recurring charge, you can purchase access to many of our videos. With a standard seat license, you will have permanent access to the video in your account. With a coproate license, you will also be able to download the video to share within your company. Restrictions: 1) The corporate license is non-transferrable. Videos are only licensed to the company designated at the time of sale. 2) Corporate licenses are for a single reporting entity. That generally means the company operates independently. This normally only impacts holding companies, who will need a license for each subordinate company.