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  • PDCA Video. (Corp. License) Reg. $79.00
  • 11 Common Misconceptions About Lean.
    MP3 Corp Lic. Reg. $10.99


Phase 1: Introduction and Exploration

Continuous Improvement Development System Group

  • Continuous Improvement Development Guide
  • CI Development System Phase 1 Checklist
  • Phase 1 Directory


  • Knowledge Management Term
  • Finding Continuous Improvement Information

Phase 2: Committing

Continuous Improvement Development System Group

  • CI Development System Phase 2 Checklist
  • Phase 2 Directory

Lean 201

  • Lean Overview Video
  • 17 Lessons I Learned from Japanese Consultants
  • 11 Common Misconceptions About Lean
  • Push System Term

Lean Leadership (Phase 2)

  • 18 Principles of Lean Leadership
  • 11 C's of Lean Leadership Term
  • Psychology of Lean Term
  • Respect for People Term
  • Show Respect for People-Principle
  • Lean Leadership Soft Skills
  • How to Overcome 24 Common Lean Excuses
  • 7 Wastes of Lean Leadership
  • 9 Words That Kill Lean Progress
  • Coaching Term
  • Think Long Term
  • Training Term
  • Motivation Term

Change Management

  • Change Management Term
  • 8 Reasons People Resist Change
  • 8 Ways to Address the "WIFM" Principle
  • Our Process Is Different Term
  • Job Satisfaction Term


  • Opportunity Costs Term

Phase 3: Starting the Journey

Continuous Improvement Development System Group

  • CI Development System Phase 3 Checklist
  • Phase 3 Directory

Lean 301

  • 5S Term
  • Gemba Term

Problem Solving

  • Problem Solving Term
  • PDCA Cycle Term
  • PDCA PowerPoint Slideshow
  • 6 Ways to Improve Problem Solving in Your Company
  • 6 Big Data Analysis Mistakes That Hinder Lean Efforts
  • Data Collection Term
  • 5 Whys Term
  • 5 Whys Form
  • Cause and Effect Diagram Term
  • Noise to Constant Sheet
  • Flow Chart Term
  • Pareto Chart Term
  • Pareto Chart Template
  • Checklists Term
  • Run Chart Term

Lean Leadership (Phase 3)

  • Policy Deployment Term
  • Policy Deployment Audio Term.
  • Policy Deployment Matrix
  • Policy Deployment Bowler
  • Policy Deployment Action Plan
  • KPI Bowler
  • 9 Steps to Better Metrics
  • Communication Term
  • 12 Ways to Start Building a Continuous Improvement Culture
  • 7 Tips for Building Good Lean Behaviors

Lean Office

  • Lean Office Term
  • 11 Principles of a Lean Office
  • Secret to Successfully Running a Lean Office: Daily Management
  • Lean Office Overview PowerPoint Slideshow


  • Important vs. Urgent Term
  • 1/3, 2/3 Rule Term
  • Parkinson's Law Term


  • Quality, Cost, Delivery Term
  • Stopgaps Term


  • 13 Ways to Apply Lean Principles to a Small Business
  • Luck Term

Phase 4: Building the Foundation

Continuous Improvement Development System Group

  • CI Development System Phase 4 Checklist
  • Phase 4 Directory

Lean 401

  • 7 Wastes Term
  • Waste Recording Form
  • 15 Sounds that Shout Waste
  • Kanban Term
  • Kanban Card Generator
  • 5 Principles of Lean Customer Value
  • Standardization Term
  • Standards Term

Lean Leadership (Phase 4)

  • Daily Management Term
  • Daily Management Worksheet
  • 9 Steps to Developing a Daily Management System
  • Countermeasure Sheet

Standard Work

  • Standard Work Term
  • Standard Work Sheet
  • Standard Work Combination Sheet
  • Cycle Time Term
  • Time Observation Sheet
  • Takt Time Term
  • Takt Time Calculator
  • Standard Work-in-Process Term
  • Standard Work in 8 (Not So) Easy Steps


  • Kaizen Event Term
  • Kaizen Charter
  • Kaizen Checklist
  • Kaizen Newspaper
  • Interruption Log
  • Office Process Capacity Form
  • Office Process Questionnaire
  • Office Process Recording Form
  • Office Process Summary Sheet
  • Kaizen Audit Form
  • 9 Tips to Running a More Effective Kaizen


  • Decision Matrix Template
  • Job Shop Term

Phase 5: Ramping Up

Continuous Improvement Development System Group

  • CI Development System Phase 5 Checklist
  • Phase 5 Directory

Lean 501

  • Poka Yoke Term
  • Value Stream Mapping Icons
  • Andon Term
  • Line Stop Term
  • Dirty, Dumb, or Dangerous Term
  • Kitting Term
  • Noise (Sound) Term

Phase 6: Keeping Momentum

Continuous Improvement Development System Group

  • CI Development System Phase 6 Checklist
  • Phase 6 Directory

A3 Thinking

  • A3 Templates
  • A3 Thinking Term

3P/Production Preparation Process

  • 3P Idea Evaluation Matrix
  • 3P Process Overview Form
  • 7 Ways Idea Generation Form
  • 7 Ways Comparison Form

Lean 601

  • Voice of the Customer/VOC Term


  • Design for Manufacturing Term
  • FMEA Worksheet
  • SIPOC Analysis Sheet

Phase 7: World Class Performance

Continuous Improvement Development System Group

  • Phase 7 Directory

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