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Working With Metrics Student Guide


Student Guide

Working with Metrics Student Guide

  • Format: Microsoft Word (DOCX)
  • Licence Type: Corporate
  • Pages: 6

Many people are used to results-oriented metrics. Grades in high school, for example, are a measure of an outcome. In Lean, process metrics are also used. These measures the activities that link to desired outcomes. Measuring the number of interruptions during study time, or the number of hours spent in the library are examples of process oriented metrics for grades.

This student guide from the Working With Metrics Module in our Lean Training System is a companion to our PowerPoint presentation and helps instructors engage their students during training. Give your students more than just a copy of the slideshow. Instead, provide them with this handy note-taking tool. In addition to making student stay attentive during the class, it acts as a reference guide for trainees to look at long after the training is complete.


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