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Waste Identification Student Guide


Student Guide

Waste Identification Student Guide

  • Licence Type: Corporate
  • Format: Microsoft Word (DOCX)
  • Pages: 6

Learning to identify waste is a basic skill that is essential to nearly all of the Lean tools. Getting a group of 'wasteologists' on your team will go a long way towards streamlining your organization.

Our student guide help you improve your training and speed up the pace of improvement. Give your team more than just a simple printout of the slides. Use our handouts to make your class think about the concepts and write down answers as they attend the class. The more your trainees have to engage their brains with active thought, the better they will retain the information you are delivering.

Best of all, our student guides are easy to use. The PowerPoint class is annotated with the page number of the student guide, making it easy to follow along with the important points.


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