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Visual Controls and 5S Lean Lego(R) Exercise

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5S and Visual Controls are proven methods for improving the effectiveness of a team, while making their jobs easier. Surprisingly, though, there can be substantial resistance to making a workplace more visual and standardized.

This exercise is intended to help teams get to the 'Aha!' moment in a fun and engaging way. Two different types of instructions are used in this exercise. One version contains written instructions in paragraph form. The other shows step-by-step visual instructions. The teams with the visual instructions invariably finish their build with higher quality in a shorter time. After the exercise, teams need little convincing to embrace 5S and Visual Management.

In addition to the Lego models and instructions for 4 small groups of 2-4 people each, this exercise includes a step-by-step Leader's guide that details how to run this exercise. It also contains discussion points to help reinforce the lessons learned.

Make your training more enjoyable and more effective by adding our Visual Controls and 5S Lean Lego Exercise to your training library.


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