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DVDs & Videos

A great training program incorporates a variety of methods for learning. Instructor led training is highly effective, but has cost constraints. Coordinating a schedule that both trainer and trainees can attend poses a further challenge. To deal with the problem of limited trainers or scheduling issues, we offer our video training library in 2 formats.

  • DVD

DVDs are good choices for single site organizations that want to train a team in group settings or maintain a small training library. The limitation is, obviously, that the viewer must have the physical copy of the disc to play it. Learn more on our DVD component page.

  • Corporate Licenses

DVDs are a good option for small organizations or for individuals. But for bigger companies, or those that are spread across multiple locations, the number of DVDs required to make training readily accessible rises dramatically.

For those cases, instead of having to maintain multiple DVD libraries, we offer our videos with corporate licenses as an on-demand, cost-effective alternative to physical media. You will receive a file that you can post on your own servers to provide anytime access throughout your company. No passing a DVD along. No wear and tear on a library disk. No searching for a DVD before a class. You’ll always have the video available when you need it.

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