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Structuring Standard Work (Corporate License)


Product Overview

As a concept, Standard Work seems rather simple. Create a standardized sequence of operations, balance them to a takt time, designate the standard work-in-process, and become a world class organization, right? Too bad it is not that simple.

As you mature as a Lean organization, you will identify countless barriers that can keep you from becoming a top flight manufacturer. Fortunately, there is an inexpensive, value-packed tool you can use to quickly overcome those barriers, and speed up along the path to mastery of Standard Work.

Structuring Standard Work: A Leader's Guide to Developing Standard Work That Works combines the practical knowledge gathered from countless kaizen events, with the information gained from endless nights of research on Lean subjects, and turns it into an essential manual for anyone leading a manufacturing team in a Lean organization.

Click the image to the right to download a sample of this treasure trove of Standard Work tips and tricks, or click the 'Learn More' button below to see the table of contents for this must-have addition to your Lean library.

Product Details

Product Description

Standard work is a lot like sports. Gaining a rudimentary understanding of them is easy. Getting really good at them is a whole different story.

Our Lean tutorial, Structuring Standard Work, helps you elevate your Standard Work to the next level, getting far more out of it.

Packed inside its 96 pages are lessons learned from countless hours improving processes on the shop floor. For the price of a few cups of coffee, all this information can be yours.

This tutorial shows you how to:

  • Get your team more engaged in Standard Work, speeding up improvements with less effort.
  • Structure your Standard Work to make it more flexible, lowering the cost of making improvements and adjusting to changing demand.
  • Improve your team’s morale by making it easier to get help in dealing with problems.
  • Sustain your Standard Work so you don’t waste your valuable improvement resources.
  • Organize your work to not only make it more productive, but make it easier to manage problems.
  • Handle special situations on your production line.
  • And much, much more…

So take a look at the contents below, or click on the thumbnail of the page to view an excerpt.

Table of Contents

Overview 3

Goals 3

This Report Is For... 3

Section 1. Introduction 7

Why Standard Work? 7

Why Standard Work Doesn’t Work 9

What You Should Know Before Reading This Report 14

A Refresher 14

Breaking Down Standard Work 18

Section 2. People 21

Human Nature 21

Ownership 22

Managing Change 23

The Change Model 24

Section 3. Standard Work Infrastructure 27

How We Think About Work 27

Identifying Problems 29

Getting Help 30

Standard Work Philosophy 31

Communication 35

Setting the Stage 36

Section 4. Structuring Standard Work 37

Establishing a Standard 37

Sequencing 40

Layout of Work Area 47

Work Organization 54

Support Teams 55

Equipment 57

Standard Work-in-Process 63

Adjusting to Changing Demand 68

Options and Mixed-Model Lines 73

Dealing with Recurring Problems 78

Section 5. Sustaining Standard Work 81

Make People Want It 81

Rewards and Enforcement 84

Make Standard Work Flexible 87

Sharing Information 88

Equipment Maintenance 90

Make Workspaces Visual 91

Poka Yoke the Processes 91

Monitor and Audit 92

Keep Getting Better 93

Section 6. Conclusion 95


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