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Standardization PowerPoint Presentation

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Standardization PowerPoint Lean Training

  • License Type: Corporate
  • Number of Slides: 16
  • Target Time: 30 min
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  • Format: PowerPoint (PPTX)
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Standardization is critical to Lean. You will be hard pressed to make any significant gains in Lean without a high degree of standardization in your processes.

This PowerPoint presentation highlights what standardization is, why it is important to Lean, and what forms it takes. It helps build an understanding of how standardization makes Lean processes more effective, and provides an overview of several different types of standardization. It also addresses the various levels of standardization.

This Standardization PowerPoint presentation covers the following topics:

1. What is standardization?

a. What you already know


a. Standardization at home

i. Housework/Yard work

ii. Traffic laws

3. Why standardization is important

a. Predictable results

i. Quality impact

ii. Stable lead times

iii. Accurate and appropriate staffing

b. Sharing best practices

c. Basis for improvement

4. Levels of standardization

a. Documented

b. Supported by process

c. Guaranteed by process

5. Methods of standardization

a. SOPs

b. Playbooks

c. Checklists

d. Flow charts

e. Standard Work (primarily shop floor)

6. How standardization affects team members

a. Impact on job satisfaction

i. Wide range of responses

b. Benefits

c. Drawbacks


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