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Selecting the Program Leader (Practical Lesson)

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  • Selecting the Program Leader PDF (15 Pages)
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  • Program Leader Selection Tool (Excel Form)

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One of the most important decisions you will make regarding your continuous improvement journey is selecting your program leader. This person is like a trail boss. He or she will support the leadership team on getting the organization to where it needs to go.

This section is a development gate, designed to support your selection of a program leader who will guide your team as it develops an improvement oriented business system and continuous improvement culture.


About Our Practical Guide

This section is part of our Practical Guide to Continuous Improvement, something of a nuts & bolts handbook for your continuous improvement efforts. It is part of our Lean Training System that contains this guide, our collection of training modules, and our Continuous Improvement Companion. The CIC is an extensive reference guide that supports our training materials.

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