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Root Cause Analysis & The 5 Whys Lean Training on DVD


Lean DVD

Root Cause Analysis and the 5 Whys (Narrated PowerPoint DVD)

  • Format: DVD (NTSC)
  • Style: Narrated PowerPoint
  • Presented By: Jeff Hajek
  • Length: Approx. 18 min.
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3

Video Preview


Problem solving is an art that takes training and lots of practice. In this video, you will develop one of the foundational skills of problem solving. You will learn how to get to the root cause of a problem so you don’t waste your resources treating symptoms instead of solving the underlying problem.

In addition, you will learn to put one of the basic root cause analysis tools to use: The 5 Whys.

This DVD is created using our high-quality PowerPoint training package. Imagine the power of having access to a DVD of a training module as well as the materials in the video. Use the DVD as a leaders guide, as a make-up training tool, as refresher training, or as a stand-alone teaching device. The choice is yours.


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