Root Cause Analysis & the 5 Whys. (Instructor Pack)

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This product contains the following items:

Video Preview

The following video was made using an earlier version of our PowerPoint training package, and has nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. The full video is available in DVD format, as a corporate license, or in our independent study pack.

PowerPoint Class

Root Cause Analyis & the 5 Whys PowerPoint Lean Training

  • License Type: Corporate
  • Number of Slides: 22
  • Target Time: 45 minutes + 15 minutes for optional exercise
  • Format: PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Delivery: Immediate Download

The Root Cause Analysis and the 5 Whys class covers the following material:

1. Treating symptoms

a. Wastes resources

b. Problems recur

2. What is root cause analysis?

3. Cause and effect principle

4. Why do root cause analysis?

a. Company benefits

b. Employee benefits

5. Steps to root cause analysis

a. Identify problems

b. Prioritize symptoms

c. Choose a tool

i. Basic

a. 5 Whys

ii. Intermediate

a. Cause and effect

b. Pareto charts

c. Run charts

iii. Advanced

a. Statistics/ANOVA

d. Identify the process step

e. Prove the theory

6. The 5 Whys

a. Using the tool

b. Benefits

c. Drawbacks

7. The 5 Whys Worksheet

Student Guide

Root Cause Analyis & the 5 Whys Student Guide

    • Format: Microsoft Word (DOCX)
    • Licence Type: Corporate
    • Pages: 4

You can't truly solve a problem unless you get to the bottom of it. Our Root Cause Analysis and the 5 Whys Training Module helps you do just that. This student guide enhances the classroom experience for your trainees, plus it provides them with a reference tool they can use long after the class is over.

Training Exercises

Root Cause Analysis & The 5 Whys Training Exercise

  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • License Type: Corporate
  • Student Pages: 1
  • Leader Pages: 3
  • Exercise Time: 20-25 minutes
  • Materials: Flip chart, markers, 5 Whys Form (optional)

We believe in the "Crawl-Walk-Run" model of training. Teach your team to crawl in the classroom with this simple 5 Whys exercise. It provides them with a sample situation in which to try out the process of linking causes to a problem they are facing. This simple exercise demonstrates how the connection between a problem's source and its observable effect is often clouded by intermediate activities.

This purchase provides you with a 1-page student handout and 3 pages of leader instructions to get the most out of the training time.

The license allows use of the product throughout your organization, and the Microsoft Word format allows you to make changes to the exercise to suit your company's particular needs.

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5 Whys Form

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The 5 Whys Form is a tool used to help guide problem solvers through the 5 Whys process. It is unique in that it offers the option of check-step for each 'why.'


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5 Whys Term on PDF

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Learn more about the ins and outs of using the 5 Whys to solve problems in this detailed term from our Continuous Improvement Companion.


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