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Poka Yoke Student Guide


Student Guide

Poka Yoke Student Guide

  • Licence Type: Corporate
  • Format: Microsoft Word (DOCX)
  • Pages: 8

The best way to improve quality is to avoid mistakes in the first place. When you build quality into your systems and processes with poka yokes (mistake proofing), work is more efficient, defects are significantly reduced, and employee frustrations are diminished.

This student guide from the Poka Yoke Module in our Lean Training System is a companion to our PowerPoint presentation and helps instructors engage their students in the training. Give your students more than just a copy of the slideshow. Instead, provide them with this handy note-taking tool. In addition to making student stay attentive during the class, it acts as a reference guide for trainees to look at long after the training is complete.


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