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Lean Office Flow Exercise


Product Overview

Looking for a way to demonstrate the value of Lean in an office setting? Look no further. Our Lean Office Flow Exercise does for administrative work what the Lego Flow Exercise does for the shop floor production. After teaching this exercise, leaders will find themselves constantly comparing real-world situations to what happened during the simulation. Plus, why not add a little bit of fun to your training?

This exercise teaches concepts including quality, setup, handoffs, combining processes, managing work flow, variation, and, of course, waste reduction.

Our Lean Office Flow Exercise is a simulation designed to highlight many of the problems administrative personnel face in the real world, and then show them the principles that can be used to eliminate those wasteful activities. The simulation is a card based game that has a fictional company, 'Velaction Decryption Services' , decoding a steady flow of customer orders. The simulation provides the opportunity for trainers to teach numerous Lean concepts in a low risk, non-threatening environment that takes people's inherent resistance to change out of the picture.


Teaching a concept is easy. Teaching a concept so students will understand it and retain the information is much more difficult. Our Lean Office Flow Exercise helps you ingrain the Lean principles in your training by providing a simulation your students can relate to. And when they see their own problems in the training, they will be far more likely to pay attention to the solutions.


Lean Lego simulations and paper airplanes have long been a staple of shop floor Lean training for one main reason:  It is easier to demonstrate a concept than it is to explain it. Our Lean Office Flow Exercise does the same for teaching the concepts to improve administrative processes. You now have an option to make it easier than ever to get teams to have their 'AHA!' moment. And when teams 'get it' they will want to put the concepts to immediate—and frequent—use.


We offer our product in a few flavors.

  • SITE LICENSE: If you have a single location, get a site license, good for unlimited use to train your own company at one physical address.
  • CORPORATE LICENSE: If you have more than one location, no problem. Get a corporate license to use throughout the organization. (We require one license per reporting entity. A rule of thumb is that if the organization has its own president, it will need its own license.) Train with the same materials in Tuscon, Toledo, and Tallahassee—and at no additional cost!
  • CONSULTANT LICENSE: And if you teach Lean concepts for a living, we can help you out as well. We offer a consultant license, which is good for a single individual to train others for compensation. Spend your time building your business, not your training materials.


We know training materials can take a beating. And run-down training materials sully your image as a professional trainer. We don’t want you using mutilated materials, so we provide our Lean Office Flow Exercise in a digital format. Whenever part of the kit falls below your standards of appearance, simply reprint it. Or if one of the components gets lost, as often happens during the chaos of a training simulation, simply print a new one without needing to buy anthing else.


As part of our Lean Training System, you can add training presentations, DVDs, student guides, and more. Plus, get loads of free Lean office information off our site to accompany the simulation.

Licensing Details

Standard Licensing Option

Site License, good for one physical address

Customized files licensed for use at a single physical location for internal training. You will be contacted via e-mail after purchase to provide the location that will be added to the files. Product is in a digital format.

Upgrade your license in your shopping cart

Corporate License, good for one corporate reporting entity

Customized files licensed for use throughout a single corporate reporting entity for internal training. (Rule of thumb: Each president requires a license for his or her organization) You will be contacted via e-mail after purchase to provide the company name you want to appear on the exercise. Product is in a digital format.

Consultant License, good for one individual consultant

Customized files licensed for use by a single consultant. Each consultant leading training will need his or her own license. You will be contacted via e-mail after purchase to provide the consultant's name and if you would like a company name to also appear on the exercise components. Product is in a digital format.

Product Details

  • Delivery Method: All files are delivered digitally via email.
  • File Formats: PDF, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Delivery Lead Time: 24-48 hours after we receive licensing info
  • Product Category: This exercise is in the simulation category and is not eligible for Build-a-Bundle pricing.
  • Simulation Time: Approximately 2 hours, plus Lean office training time.
  • Number of participants: Designed for 8, but can be run with 7 if necessary. You can also add in a manager position and observers for each position, keeping up to 17 people actively engaged.
  • Contents:
    • Order Cards (50 plus 4 practice cards)
    • Current State Code Cards (4 code decks)
    • All necessary Current State Forms, printable as needed—no purchasing refills
    • Customer Record Cards (sets for order entry, 3x decoders, and accounting)
    • Interruption Cards (matched to active orders to demonstrate problems with WIP)
    • An Excel Order Log Sheet for tracking order flow
    • Position Instruction Mats
    • Defect Logs
    • Quality Check Sheet
    • Future State Decode Sheet
    • Future State Work Orders
    • Future State Customer Record Cards
    • Future State Pricing Guide
    • Exercise Setup PowerPoint presentation
    • Leader's Guide
    • Lean Office Overview Training (PPTX)
    • Lean Office Overview Recorded Webinar on DVD (optional)

Product Description

In the Lean Office Flow Exercise, trainees assume various roles in a fictional company, Velaction Decryption Services.

The simulation consists of two rounds. The first is the 'current state' that many people will recognize from their own workplace. Shared equipment, piles of work, uneven workload, over-the-wall processing, disjointed or nonexistent flow, interruptions, poorly designed tools, quality issues, and much more are built into the starting processes.

To help get the team up to speed quickly, a leader's guide is provided to the facilitator. It gives detailed instructions on how to set up and run the exercise. Also included are position mats for each participant, which act as quick reference guides to get them up and running. And there is even a PowerPoint presentation that walks participant through the exercise.

After the first run is completed, conduct your own Lean office training (or use ours), and watch the light bulbs come on as trainees think about how to apply the concepts. Plus, instructors can use the examples from the exercise in the training. Unlike real world examples, every person in the room will be familiar with the Lean Office Flow Exercise.

Teams will use their training immediately, and develop a future state process. We have provides some of the most commonly identified improvements to you so you don’t have to spend training time playing with Excel files.

Once the team has settled on a new process, run the exercise again, and see dramatic gains. Seeing how quickly improvements can be made will motivate your students to go out and attack waste wherever they find it.


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