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Lean in a Modern Office Video Course (DVD)

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Lean Office – Lean in a Modern Office


Office personnel are often more skeptical of Lean methods than their counterparts in manufacturing. They reject the Lean approach by saying, “We don't make cars. It won’t work.” Lean management systems might have been developed at Toyota and other manufacturing giants, but the benefits have been proven in many other industries and work environments. This DVD will show how Lean principles can be applied in offices to eliminate waste and improve work.


Courses Included:


Course 1 – Understanding the Modern Lean Office (2 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Building a Lean Team
  • Video 2 – The Value of Lean Thinking in the Modern Office

Course 2 – Lean Tools for the Office (5 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Visual Scheduling and Management
  • Video 2 – 5S for the Office
  • Video 3 – Using Kanban in the Office
  • Video 4 – Standard Work: Beyond Checklists
  • Video 5 – Information Flow Mapping


Course 3 – 7 Wastes Within the Modern Office (4 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Lean Wastes in the Office
  • Video 2 – Stagnation
  • Video 3 – Motion
  • Video 4 – Transportation

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