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Kaizen Coordination Management – Kaizen Event Design and Support Video Course (DVD)

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Kaizen Coordination Management – Kaizen Event Design and Support


Developing a culture of improvement in an organization that is unfamiliar with the principles of Lean and Kaizen requires a strong emphasis on learning and commitment at all levels of the company. These videos show how to create the right support structure for Lean transformation. The courses will guide you along the right path, both before and after your planned Kaizen events.


Courses Included:


Course 1 – Lean Committee (4 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Introduction – What is a Lean Committee
  • Video 2 – Choosing Managers for the Committee
  • Video 3 – Establishing Goals and Objectives
  • Video 4 – Kaizen Event Selection


Course 2 – Lean Communication (3 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Communication Boards
  • Video 2 – Lean Newsletters
  • Video 3 – Suggestion System


Course 3 – Kaizen Event Charter (2 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Pre-Event
  • Video 2 – Post-Event

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