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Cause and Effect / Ishikawa Diagram / Fishbone Diagram PowerPoint Presentation

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The cause and effect diagram (also known as the Ishikawa diagram or the fishbone diagram) provides teams with a way to categorize causes of problems (the effect).

This module explains how to create a cause and effect diagram, when to use it, and how to interpret it.

Because a cause and effect diagram, with its classic fishbone shape, is so visual, it is an outstanding communication tool. There is also a tremendous value in using a structured, systematic, compartmentalized thinking process to evaluate the causes of a particular effect.

This PowerPoint presentation on the Ishikawa Diagram provides trainers a tool to teach the cause and effect diagram in a highly visual, engaging way. When combined with the additional components of this module (student guides, exercise, etc.) the full power of Velaction's Lean training system is unleashed. And, of course, the consistent look and feel of our PowerPoint packages lets you seamlessly build out your training capabilities as your need demand it.


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