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Barriers to Lean Video Course (DVD)

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SKU: DVDBTL $229.99

Barriers to Lean – Overcoming Obstacles and Cultivating Support


Generally, the technical tools of Lean are met with challenging interpersonal obstacles. To guarantee success, Lean efforts require support at every level and department. The content on this DVD will focus on strategies to overcome these obstacles, ensuring a cooperative and mutually beneficial Lean transformation for everyone involved.


Courses Included:


Course 1 – Building Support for Lean Efforts (3 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Persuading Coworkers and Management
  • Video 2 – Overcoming Organizational Barriers to Lean
  • Video 3 – Labor Unions as Assets


Course 2 – Changing Minds (4 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Unlocking Hidden Talents
  • Video 2 – Persuading Resistant Employees
  • Video 3 – What is a Change Agent?
  • Video 4 – Avoiding Burnout

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