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Audio Articles

Audio Articles

Our Lean Audio Articles product line is part of our Lean Audio Training program.

As important as most people realize it is to keep growing one's continuous improvement knowledge, time can be a formidable obstacle. Not only does it keep you from reading and learning in the first place, but there is a half-life to the information your do absorb. If you are not consistently adding new knowledge and refreshing the old, it is easy to stagnate in your Lean development.

If you are looking for a way to 'sharpen your Lean axe', our Lean Audio Articles can help. Devote just a few minutes a day to listening to these recordings to keep from stalling out on your Lean journey.


You have two licensing options. Individual licenses entitle you to a single copy of the MP3. Only the person named in the 'ship-to' address of a sales receipt may listen to it.

If you want more flexibility, get our corporate license. It allows you to post the file on your server for access by any current employee. Contact us at Info@Velaction.com if you don’t see an audio program for an article you want. All of our articles can be turned in audio programs upon request. (Restrictions: One corporate license is required per 'reporitng entity', usually identified by the organization having a president. Standard corporate licenses are also limited to organizations with 20,000 people or fewer.)


  • Individual licenses are available as part of our Independent Study Packs or, if they are a stand-alone topic, as part of a release pack.
  • Corporate licenses are available for all titles.
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