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Audio Training

Audio Training

Audio Program Overview

Time is the most precious resource you have. It is the only thing that you absolutely cannot buy more of. So, it makes sense to find ways to make better use of the time you have.

One way to do that is with our Lean audio training. It allows you to learn on the go. It lets you improve yourself while doing other things.

  • Spend an hour in the car commuting each day? Turn it into a classroom.
  • Hit the gym on a regular basis? Work out your mind while exercising your body.
  • Need to stand in line? Or have to wait at the DMV? Put that time to productive use.

Our audio programs come in a variety of flavors to suit your needs. Look over the various sections of this page to see which option is best for you.

License Types


Individual Licenses

Individual licenses give a single person the right to listen to the purchased program. They are intended to help people take charge of their own personal development. Individual licenses are non-transferable and do not expire.



Corporate Licenses

Corporate licenses allow all current employees of an organization to listen to the programs. Play them for a morning meeting. Create custom CDs to hand out to kaizen teams. Develop a new supervisor self-paced study program. Make a brown bag prep playlist. With our corporate licenses, you've got a lot of options. Some restrictions apply.

Purchasing Options

We've got several ways to help you build a collection of training materials at a great price, and then keep getting great deals as you build your library as your needs grow or as we release new products. Please be aware that some of these purchasing options overlap.

  • Individual Titles: Need just a single title? Buy it individually. While the unit price is higher than when purchasing in a bundle, you'll save money by only buying what you need.
  • Convenience Packs: Throughout our site, you'll find convenience packs that load up your cart with a selection of titles so you can easily take advantage of the Build-a-Bundle program (see the discount program link at the top of the page). Simply add the bundle, delete the titles you don't need, and apply the discount code.
  • Discount Packs: We offer fixed discount bundles that may include our audio programs. Independent Study Packs are a good example of this type of bundle. Please be aware that unlike the Independent Study Packs, most discount packs are not eligible for build-a-bundle discounts. Discount packs offer bigger savings but less flexibility than convenience packs.
  • Release Packs: Release packs are discounted collections of individually licensed audio programs based on their release date. These are stand alone programs that are not part of a module.

Continuous Improvement Audio Program Types

Audio Terms

Get a variety of terms from our Continuous Improvement Companion. Our terms go beyond simple definitions. We discuss the impact of the term on your Lean operations, give words of warning, and point out special information for both leaders and frontline employees.

Audio Articles

We’ve got a wealth of knowledge buried in our archives of articles. These recordings let you get a little does of continuous improvement whenever you want. Listen to them on the way into work in the morning to get your creative juices flowing, or play one for your team at the start of a meeting.

Recorded FAQs

Many people have the same questions about continuous improvement that you do. Our FAQs shed light on these common problems that people face.

Practical Guide Section Audio

Our Nuts & Bolts Guide to Continuous Improvement walks you through the creation of a Lean culture in a step-by-step guide. The sections of this guide are available as audio programs.

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