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Advanced Office Kaizen Video Course (DVD)

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Lean Office - Advanced Office Kaizen


Even if everyone on your team has a fundamental understanding of Lean, some challenges require advanced knowledge of workflow and technology. This DVD covers complex Lean topics and how they function in offices. The videos cover lessons on pull systems, project management, data management, and layout. This DVD will take your office beyond the basics by showing how well-know Lean concepts from manufacturing, such as 5S and TPM, apply to information based work.


Courses included:


Course 1 – A Just-in-Time Office (4 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Takt Time in the Modern Office
  • Video 2 – Information Flow Through the Office
  • Video 3 – Managing Pull in the Office
  • Video 4 – A Modern Lean Office Layout


Course 2 – Lean Computers (5 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Lean Project Management
  • Video 2 – Data Accumulation and Backup
  • Video 3 – 5S for Computers
  • Video 4 – TPM with Computers
  • Video 5 – Integrating Nonphysical and Physical Assets

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