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5S, Advanced Application of (DVD)

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Advanced Application of 5S


This content is designed to give you the advanced understanding needed to maintain long-term success and continuous improvement of your 5S system. Since the 5S method of workplace organization was one of the first Lean “tools” to be popularized internationally, you will benefit from its extensive roots. Many organizations credit their great success with 5S and are a valuable asset in your Lean arsenal.


Courses Included:


Course 3 – Long Term Success Factors for 5S (2 Videos)


  • Video 1 – Maintaining Long Term Success
  • Video 2 – 5S for Culture Change


Course 4 – How to – Implementing 5S Activities (8 Videos)


  • Video 1 – How to Evaluate
  • Video 2 – How to Sort
  • Video 3 – How to Red Tag
  • Video 4 – How to Set in Order
  • Video 5 – How to Shine
  • Video 6 – How to Standardize
  • Video 7 – How to 5S Board
  • Video 8 – How to Sustain


Course Supplement – The Importance of a Visual Work Environment


  • Video 1 – Visual Workplace

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