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A3 Thinking Fundamentals PowerPoint Presentation

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SKU: LTSA3PPT $10.99

An A3 Report is a storyboard on an A3 sized piece of paper (roughly 11 x 17). Behind that single piece of paper, though, is a sophisticated way of thinking with the plan-do-check-act cycle (PDCA) at its heart.

This highly visual A3 PowerPoint presentation provides a foundation to create a team of A3 thinkers in your organization. It covers a lot of ground, and is intended to spark an interest in using the A3 process to solve problems.

This A3 class uses a highly relatable example—getting to work on time—as a backdrop to the lessons. Because of the neutral nature of the example, the training is perfect for any setting: office, shop floor, government, or any other area where continuous improvement is important.

Finally, as part of our Lean Training System, this A3 PowerPoint presentation is expandable. Pair it with other modules, or get additional components to create a richer learning experience for your team.


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