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The A3 Report is a communication tool used when applying A3 thinking to a problem. We offer a variety of sizes of this form to suit your needs in the event that you do not have A3 sized paper available to you. (It is close to 11x17 paper or two 8 1/2 x 11 sheets.)

Our A3 Templates are a core part of our Fundamentals of A3 Thinking training module. This one is better than most, as it comes in three flexible sizes.  You get the original A3, the 11x17 more common in the US, and a two-page letter-sized version if you have a limit on paper size in your printer.

Combine this template with our A3 Thinking term on PDF, 21 minute audio term on MP3, PowerPoint, Student Guide, and  45 minute video, and you've got more than just a simple form. You've got all the information you need to put it together and start on the path to A3 management. (Look at the link below the 'Add to Cart' button to see a great instructor pack deal.)

Note about our A3 Template

If you talk to a student of A3 Thinking, they'll be quick to point out that the A3 format should be flexible. We agree, but we also know that people try new things more readily when they feel comfortable with them. This template is intended to get you started on this structured problem solving approach. We recommend that as you get more familiar with the process that you adjust it as needed to suit the specific problem you are facing.

More A3 Information

Of course, we want you to look over the additional A3 products we offer at the bottom of this page. We also think you might want to go back to our main site and visit the A3 materials we have there. Start at the A3 template page where you can find some great information on how to put this template to use. You should also visit the A3 Thinking term page. Read it, but also follow the links to figure out what you need to learn. The A3 process is challenging and is connected to a large number of related concepts, which are conveniently shown at the bottom of the page.


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