5S & Visual Management. (Instructor Pack)

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This product contains the following items:

PowerPoint Class

5S PowerPoint Lean Training with Visual Management (PowerPoint)

  • License Type: Corporate
  • Number of Slides: 36
  • Target Time: 60 min
  • Revision Date: 2/6/2010
  • Format: PowerPoint (PPTX)
  • Delivery: Immediate Download
  • Exercises Available: Lego® building block exercise, Lean Office 5S Exercise

This 5S PowerPoint presentation lays the foundation for a team to start on the path to an organized, efficient, and effective workspace.

Our 5S PowerPoint training package covers the basics of 5S and visual management principles. It presents the topics in an engaging way that gets people excited about trying out the concepts in their own work areas.

This 5S PowerPoint presentation covers the following topics:

1. What is 5S?

a. Definition

b. The origin of the 5 'S's

c. Why 5S?

d. The 5 'S's

i. Sort (Seiri)

1. Red tags

ii. Straighten (Seiton)

iii. Scrub (Seiso)

iv. Standardize (Seiketsu)

v. Sustain (Shitsuke)

2. Implementing 5S

a. Requirements

i. Leadership

ii. Culture

iii. Skills to implement 5S

1. Software

2. Arts & Crafts

3. Creativity

iv. Equipment and materials

v. Systems

b. Steps

3. Evaluating and maintaining 5S

a. What makes 5S hard?

4. What are visual controls?

5. Why use visual vontrols?

a. The characteristics of visual controls

6. Implementing visual management

a. The visual workplace

i. Benefits

ii. Costs to transition

b. Linking abnormal conditions to actions

So, take a look at a preview of the slides from our 5S PowerPoint presentation, and see the value for yourself. And then, get your team moving on their Lean journey.

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