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The 5 Whys Form helps problems solvers remember to look for the root cause of a problem. It also acts as a communication tool to show others the thought process that led to the root cause. This form is unique in that is requires problem solvers to consider whether each 'why' needs confirmation that it really is a cause.

Like all of the forms in our inventory, the 5 Whys Worksheet is closely integrated with our Lean Training System. That means that there are a variety of learning and training products associated with it. With these materials, you can teach yourself, teach your team, or set up a self-study program for your organization.

This form works great for people who are just learning the 5 Whys process. It helps guide them through their thought process, and keeps them from skipping steps. It also acts as a great communication tool. This is particularly important when you are working on a controversial project. Documenting the problem solving steps helps inspire confidence in the process.

Our 5 Whys form is a bit different than anything else you'll find. It has a 'check' process, which, as those of you familiar with PDCA will attest, is a critical part of problem solving.

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